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Meet Dr. Greta Krause

dr-greta-2018Dr. Greta L. Krause is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who practices with us. Though her expertise lies in the field of medicine, specifically Psychiatry, she shares many of the same foundational principles as her father, Dr. Robert Krause.

Her approach to each patient is unique and individualized, just as her patient’s present with a set of diverse and individual symptoms. She allows the time necessary to discover the root cause of a patient’s symptom (s) including insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, addiction, and weight problems and by doing so is able to provide symptom reduction in addition to overall greater health and well-being.

Dr. Greta L. Krause shares the same goals for treatment as Dr. R.J. Krause; to decrease a patient’s suffering in order that they may live a life in which their own unique gifts and talents may shine.

Treatment of Both Mind and Body

Dr. Krause is well trained in psychopharmacology in addition to complementary and alternative medicine. This allows her patients to receive a more complete, holistic form of treatment; treatment of both mind and body.

Dr. Greta Krause spends the time necessary to facilitate each of her patients health concerns. Her desire is for each patient to not only experience a reduction in symptoms but to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.


Dr. G Krause received a degree in psychology from Purdue university. She went on to obtain her medical degree from A.T. Still university. She completed a 4 year residency in psychiatry from Indiana university school of medicine.

Dr. Krause is scheduling appointments 6 days a week. To inquire further or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greta Krause, please call 317-742-5255


Dr. Greta Krause | Robert J Krause, D.C.